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Crape Myrtles are America's most versatile Long Blooming Perennial


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To Order Trees, Dwarf, and Miniature Crape Myrtles from us please do the following:

1st:         Print Out this page on your Printer

2nd:        Fill it out. You can either place a Basic Order for 6 Plants for $65.00 or the Landscaper Special 20 Plants for $179.00    Shipping and handling is $24.95. Yes,  we do sell wholesale in greater quantities, call for quote.

3rd:          You can Mix and Match with the Mini Crape Myrtles listed on the "ToOrder Mini's" page. 

For example, you could order 8 Miniatures , 7 Trees and 5 Dwarfs from this page for a Total of 20 plants. Its that simple. (Note that you may have to staple the pages together as the come out of the printer)

4th:            Mail it into us and we will ship back to you within 7 days unless you request differently.

        Variety Name            Height                        Color                        Number Wanted

Tuscarora Tall- 25' to 45' Watermelon Red  
Muskogee Tall- 25' to  45' Lavender  
Tuskegee Tall- 25' to 45' Pink-Pink  
Choctaw Tall- 25' to 45' Bright Rose-Pink  
Dallas Red Tall- 25' to 45' Bright Cherry Red  
Carolina Red Tall- 25' to 45' Deep Solid Red-Red  
Sarah's Favorite Tall- 25' to 45' White  
Catawba Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Deep Violet-Purple  
Osage Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Bright Fuchsia-Pink  
Seminole Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Pink-Pink  
Sioux Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Watermelon Red  
Comanche Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Red-Red  
Queens Lace Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Red with White Edge Petals called Picotee  
Yuma Medium Tall- 15' to 25' Lavender  
Near East Dwarf Weeping- 6' to 15' Pink  
Okmulgee Dwarf- 6' to 15' Deep Dark Red-Red  
Acoma Dwarf Weeping- 6' to 15' White  
Hopi Dwarf- 6' to 15' Watermelon Red  
Victor Dwarf- 6' to 12' Bright Red-Red  
Zuni Dwarf- 6' to 15' Lavender  
Centennial Dwarf- 6' to 15' Deep Violet-Purple  
Prairie Lace Dwarf- 6' to 15' Red with White Edge Petals called Picotee  
Tonto Dwarf- 6' to 15' Cherry Red  
Velma'sRoyalDelight Dwarf- 6' to 15' Purple-Black  


Miniatures are Listed Below(note that in some cases height is in inches)

Variety Name            Height                        Color                       Number Wanted

Bicolor (New!) 4-6' feet upright Bicolor flowers with pink & white in each petal l
Chisam Fire (New!) 4-6' feet upright Deep Bright Red l
Cordon Bleu 24-36" inches weeping Lavender-Blue l
Creole 24-36" inches layering branches Watermelon Red l
Bayou Marie 24-36" inches weeping Red with White Picotee around edge of petals l
Houston (New!) 12-24" inches weeping Watermelon Red l
Pixie White 18-30" inches weeping Pure White l
Mardi Gras 24-36" inches weeping Deep Violet l
Baton Rouge 24-36" inches weeping Deep Red-Red l
Bourbon Street 18"-30 inches weeping Rose Pink l
Worlds Fair (New!) 12"-24"inches weeping Fuschia Red l
Lafayette 12"-18" inches weeping Delicate Lavender White l
Pink Blush 12"-18" inches  weeping Delicate Pink White l
Delta Blush 12-18" inches weeping Pink l
Sacramento (New!) 12-24" inches weeping Deep Red l
New Orleans 12"-18" inches weeping Purple l
Chickasaw (New!) 8-12" inches upright Fuschia Pink l
Pocomoke (New!) 8-12" inches upright Rose Red l

Total Enclosed either: 6 for $65.00 or 20 for $179.00 Shipping and handling is $24.95.

Checks or Money Orders Made Payable to "Crape Myrtles"

Plants are shipped to you within 7 days via UPS. We use New Pots and New Boxes. All plants are individually sleeved in paper sleeves and sealed with rubber bands at the base for maximum protection.

We guarantee all plants if we are notified within 30 days in writing.

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Mail to

Crape Myrtles
P.O. Box 1040
Archer, FL  32618-1040

Phone  352-486-6922

eMail  crapemyrtlefarms@hotmail.com